Tile Trims

Give your tiling project the finishing touch with our range of durable tile trims. When it comes to protecting your work from moisture and smoothing out sharp lines to seal your sides, we’ve got you covered. Simple to install, at JT Pickfords we supply tile trims in a range of colours, shapes, and finishes to match your decor.
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From L shaped to corner guards, our stock of tile trim products is ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes. So, whether you’re renovating your home, or buying on behalf of your client, we’ve got a selection of 10mm, 25mm, and 30mm trims that will secure the end of a tile to hold it in place. 

Tough and durable, tile trims will protect and decorate tile edges providing a sleek finish. Ensure consistently even spacing between tiles with our range of tile spacers.


Buy your tile trim products online today, or visit our Sheffield showroom to take a look in person. We have friendly team members on hand to answer any questions and advise. We’re based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and deliver to most places in the UK. 

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